Tulloch Creme De Vin

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In the early 1900s the Tulloch family made a fortified wine predominately from verdhelo in a Madeira or white port style called "creme de vin". Produced using a solera commenced in 1973. Amber in the glass with aromas of sweet alcohol, honey, toffee, red tea, ginger and Christmas spices. Unctuous. High acidity and sugar content make this a dessert sipper. Rich honey, peach and stewed spiced pear. 18.5%ABV. Have a glass or two. A hit with the family... and the dentist.

Glen Elgan Estate


Hard not to enjoy any sticky really. This is made from verdehlo. Amber colour. Honeyed, caramel nose. The palate shows a less syrupy style.. Creamy feel. Rated 3.9.